What is MS Access Database

What is MS Access Database?

Suppose we have large data and we cannot store data in MS Excel so we can use MS Access Database to store data.

MS Access is an RDBMS and it is also a file server-based database. Each MS Access file is an MS Access Database.

ms access database

Data Storage in MS Access

Each MS Access file can store 2 GB Data only.

There are many types of Tools, Objects, and Functions in MS Access.

Object: – MS Access has different types of object, which is used for storing the data, manipulating with data. We can show my data in these object.

There are basically four types of object in MS Access.

  • Table: – A Table is an object in MS Access and it is used for storing data.

ms access table

  • Form: – A Form is an Object in MS Access. A Form is a custom dialog box. We can show my data in Forms.

ms access form

What is MS Access Database?

  • Query: – A Query is an object in MS Access. A query is a set of instruction. We can retrieve data from the table as per our need. There are many types of Query in MS Access. We use them for a different-different requirement.

ms access query

  • Report: – A Report is an object in MS Access. It is used for summarizing the data and we show our data in summarize way in Report.

ms access report

What is MS Access Database?

Module/Macro: – It is also an Object in MS Access. We use Predefine Macro in MS Access for Automation and also we write VBA code in VBA Module. There are many types of Macro available in MS Access. For Example, Delete Object, Delete Record, Copy Object, import-export data, Open form, Open Query, Close Window, Close Object etc.

Functions:Function has different types of expression to calculate the value.

There are many types of function in MS Access to use for calculation.

  • String Function: – Asc, Chr, InStr, InstrRev, LCase, Left, Len, Mid, Replace, Right, Split, Str, SrtConv, StrComp, Ucase.
  • Mathematical Function: – Avg, Count, Fix, Int, Max, Min, Round, Sum, Val.
  • Date/Time Function: – Date, DateAdd, DateDiff, DatePart, DateSerial, DateValue, Day, Hour, Minute, MonthName, Now, Second, Time, TimeSereial, TimeValue, Weekday, and Year.
  • Logical Function: – And, Case, Choose, If, Iif, Or, Switch.
  • Domain Function: – DAvg, DMin, DCount, DLookup, DSum, DMax.


What is MS Access Database?  

DBMS A database management system (DBMS) is a software used to store and manage data. A DBMS stores data in databases and uses data models to describe the various ways of organizing data Ex. FoxPro.

RDBMS A relational database management system (RDBMS) is an advanced version of a DBMS that also defines the relationship between the various data values. This feature helps in organizing and accessing data more efficiently than DBMS Example Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, Sybase and FoxPro.

What is Database?

Database: A Database is an organized collection of data. The database maintains the huge amount of data.

What is Data?

Data is a set of organized information or data is a set of values.

What is MS Access object?

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