What is Microsoft Access Object

What is Microsoft Access Object?

MS Access has many types of object which you to help enter, store, analyze and compile the data.

The object’s’ name is.

  • Tables
  • Queries
  • Forms
  • Reports


A table is an object that is used to store data in an organized format. Each Table name in MS Access must be unique. When you create a new table, Access asks you to define fields name with the data type, which is also known as column headings. In Access columns known as fields and rows are known as a record.

  • Each field must have a unique name, and with the data type. If we write duplicate field name then we get an error while saving the table as shown below picture.

ms access table

  • Tables have fields and record. Every field name must be unique with the data type and records collect all kinds of information in every single field.
  • If you want every record should be unique so have to apply a primary key for one field that allows unique value for each record. Primary key also is known as a constraint.

primary key in table

What is Microsoft Access Object?


Query provides a custom view of data from one or more tables. Queries are a way of searching, compiling, Inserting, Deleting data from one or more tables. Each Query name in MS Access must be unique.

ms access table


  • When you make a query in Access, you defined specific search conditions to search exactly the data, you want.
  • You can use different types of queries ex. Create, Select, Update, Insert, and Delete etc.
  • You can create a table in the database from Create statement.

What is Microsoft Access Object?


The form is a custom dialog box which is easy for the user. We use Form for data entry, search data from a table, delete data and many more. You use forms to customize the presentation of data in MS Access. Each Form name in MS Access must be unique.


  • Forms are used for inserting, modifying, and viewing data.
  • You can create a form with using a query, VBA/macro.

What is Microsoft Access Object?


A report is an object in MA Access. It is designed for formatting, calculating, printing, and summarizing the selected data. We make a report from summarizing data. Each Report name in MS Access must unique.


  • You can view a report on your screen before you print it.
  • If forms are used for input purposes, then reports are used for output.
  • Reports are a very useful object because they allow you to present information of your database in an easy-to-read format.
  • You can create form from query and table.

What is Microsoft Access Object?


Macro/Module is also object for MS Access. We use it for Automation purpose. There are many Predefined macros in MS Access i.e Delete Record, Add Record, Search Record, Copy Object, Close Database, Close Windows, Find Record, Save Object, and many more macros. We can also write VBA code in the module. Each Macro/Module name in MS Access must unique.

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