• Introduction of vba & macro.
  • Introduction of class, object, properties, methods.
  • Introduction of all types of Windows(Properties Window, Project Window, Code Window, Local Window, Watch Window, Immediate Window)
  • Introduction of variable & data types.
  • Introduction of Public and Private Declaration.
  • Introduction of Static Declaration.
  • Using Late Binding & Early Binding methods in VBA Projects.
  • VBA Security and Protection.

Basic & Advance automation with vba & macro.

  • Save file in different format (.xlsx, .xlsm, .xls, .xlsb, .xltx, .xltm, .xlt, .pdf and many more).
  • Paste special.
  • GoTo special.
  • Fill series.
  • Cell formatting & number formatting.
  • Sort & filter.
  • Find & select.
  • Basic and advanced filter.
  • Hyperlink (wizard & function).
  • Print Excel Sheet.
  • Much more basic automation.

Working with Cells & Range.

  • Highlight Cells & Range
  • Copy & Paste
  • Find the last Column & Row.
  • How to activate cells
  • Much more automation

Working with Worksheet.

  • Add Worksheet
  • Delete Worksheet
  • Rename Worksheet
  • Move or Copy Worksheet to another workbook.
  • Activate Worksheet.
  • Much more automation

Working with Workbook.

  • Add Workbook
  • Delete Workbook
  • Rename Workbook.
  • Introduction of ThisWorkbook and ActiveWorkbook
  • Many More Automation


  • Worksheet Event (Activate, Change, Selection, Deactivate and more Event)
  • Workbook Event (Activate, Open, Close and many more Event)

Worksheet Function

  • VLookup, Hlookup, Countif, Countifs, Match, and many more function.
  • Using IF, IIF, Switch, Select Case in VBA syntax.

All Control & Error.

  • All types of Error in VBA (Application-defined or object-defined error, Object doesn’t support this property or method and many more)
  • All types of Error Handler using in VBA Ex. On Error Resume Next, On Error GoTo 0.

File Folder Management.

  • Using Microsoft Scripting Runtime for manage folder and file.
  • Rename Folder, Create Folder, and Delete Folder.
  • Rename File, Create File, Delete File, and Move File to one folder to another folder.
  • Looping over Folder and File.
  • Using File Dialog Box.
  • Using File & Folder Pickers.
  • Extract file name from Folder with using DIR function


  • All Types of Loop use in VBA Ex. Next, For Each, Do Loop, Do While and Do Until, While Wend.
  • For Next Loop (20 Example)
  • For Each Loop (20 Example)
  • Do Loop/ Do While/ Do Until (20 Example)
  • While Wend (2 Example)

UDF (User Define Function)

  • Create many types of UDF function for calculation.
  • Create Volatile & Non-Volatile Function.

Array Function

  • Static Array.
  • Dynamic Array.
  • Single and Multi-Dimension Array.
  • Live Array VBA Projects.

Creating Word Document

  • Referencing the word object library.
  • Using Late binding and Early Binding method for Creating a new instance of Word.
  • Copy data into Word
  • Writing and formatting text.

Creating Outlook Emails

  • Referencing the Outlook object library.
  • Using Late binding and Early Binding method for Creating a new instance of Outlook.
  • Opening an Outlook Application and creating new Mail.
  • Send email from outlook with a signature from VBA
  • Send email from outlook from VBA with attachment.
  • Looping over sending emails.
  • Creating outlook Event.

Creating PowerPoint Presentation

  • Referencing the PowerPoint object library.
  • Using Late binding and Early Binding method for Creating a new instance of PowerPoint.
  • Creating Presentation & Slides.
  • Copying Tables & Chart into PowerPoint.
  • Adding and Formatting Textboxes.

ADODB Method (Microsoft ActiveX Data Object 6.1)

  • Create Connection between SQL Server and Excel by using ADODB.
  • Create Connection between MS Access and Excel by using ADODB.
  • Import & Export data from SQL Server and Access.
  • Modifying Data, Inserting Data.
  • Working with Word Files.
  • Working with txt files.
  • Web Scrapping (Import & Export Data from Web)

Pivot Table & Pivot Chart

  • Create a Pivot Table from VBA.
  • Pivot Table from Access and SQL Server.
  • Create Chart from VBA.

User Form

  • Create User Form by using VBA code.
  • Run multiple programs at a time by User Form.
  • Using all types of control in User Form(ComboBox, ListBox, CheckBox, OptionButton, and many more).


  • Introduction of Class.
  • Creating a new Class.
  • Creating a new Object, Properties.
  • Introduction of Collection and Dictionary.
  • Using the Class Module in Other Projects.
  • Creating Add-ins

Course duration & fees.

Learn Advance Excel

2 Months (Sat to Sun – 2 Hours Class 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM) and (Mon to Fri – 1 Hour Class 8:00 AM to 10 AM) online classes.

 Fees: – 6000 INR/

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