• Introduction of MS Access database.
  • Introduction of DBMS & RDBMS.
  • Introduction of data types and uses.
  • Introduction of table, query, reports, forms.
  • Introduction of Data Definition.
  • Introduction of Pass-Through.
  • Some Basic Tricks
  • PDF & Videos.

Table creation

  • Create a Table from copy paste method.
  • Create a Table from the wizard.
  • Create a Table from SQL query.
  • Create a Table from VBA.
  • All types of Constraint (Data Validation) apply in Table
  • Using Expression Builder in Table


  • Make all types of Query from QBD (Query by Design) method Ex. Select, Make Table, Append, Update, Crosstab, Delete.
  • Write all types of Query by using SQL syntax in Data Definition Ex. Select, Update, and Delete.
  • Extract data from SQL Server by using Pass-Through Query.

VBA & Macro Automation

  • Using inbuilt Macro in Access.
  • Create a table from VBA code.
  • Insert Data in Table from VBA code.
  • Delete Data from VBA code.
  • Import & Export data from Excel, SQL Server by using VBA code.
  • Using ADOBD method in Access.
  • Send mail from Outlook from VBA code.
  • Using Query in VBA code.
  • VBA Security & Protection

Forms Creation

  • Create Forms from Wizard.
  • Using Query in Forms.
  • Using VBA code in Forms.
  • Using all types of control for Forms(ComboBox, Checkbox, ListBox, and many more).
  • Using Expression Builder in Forms.


  • Make Report from Wizard.
  • Make Report with help of Query.
  • Customize Report.

Course duration & fees.

Learn Excel BI Tools

2 Months (Sat to Sun – 2 Hours Class 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM) online classes.

 Fees: Р5500 INR/

 Class Videos, Notes, PDF Books


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